Saturday, October 2, 2010


heyya I want to make this post a bit different.
about 1 minutes ago,I was thinking about my life after school.
must be damn weird and the feeling must be a bit akward*dunno how to spell:p
I don't want to go to PLKN!!3 months ok??thats to longg for me=.=
after that,if my spm result are excellent,I'll go in medic just like I want to.
but IF NOT??*sumpahh hancur semua impian

so,starting from next year.I want to be a little bit active in sports an academy.
my first step is to be a prefect:D.not because the uniform thing,but it can give me some
certification.And after that,I want to join the kawad daerah thing.must be fun and awesome:)
I'll also try to join the volleyball music??piano must be in GRED 2!:D

so,this is my goals for next year,how about you guys??

*sorry,if this post is sooo nerdy