Saturday, February 19, 2011

The New me:)

Hola blogger!Its been a long time since I haven't post anything for about
two weeks.Well,I got some good news:D

I am now officially pengawas percubaan SEMESTI;P
sorilah,aku memang suka berlagak tak tentu masa.lambat sangat loading
kat fb yang aku saje menunjuk-nunjuk kih kih

Aku tak pernah jadi pengawas kat sekolah.cuma pss je time sks2 dulu.
itupun aku dah taubat tak nak jadi.there's two reason,first I'm sick of it.
second,the uniform sucks-.-.for certain people it may look good.just like
my ian:))).

my senior is lesther thong.i don't know how to spell his name:p.I have
to watch over 2 Resak and the middle stairs at lobby A with Fatihah.
most of my class bakal pakai baju lain colour.except for 4 ppl.

Nurai because she will be the monitor assistant.

and the others.


tak pelah.bukannya aku tak de kawankan?hehe.being a prefect is not that bad.
I love my tempat bertugas at perhimpunan.I can always see him!muah muahhhh:D
okay,thats all actually,This is my first post since ali wants me to tell
about the prefect thing.soo wait for another post people.

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