Sunday, February 20, 2011

Special day For our Beloved Rasulullah:)

Assalamualaikum kawan-kawan.Today I'm gonna tell you guys about
My school's Sambutan Maulidur Rasul.It was amazing fun and all that because it was so much better.fist,because I am looking great with my new shawl on that day
haha:p and and my ian looks machooo with his baju melayu:))

sooo,I'm kinda lazy to upload the pics since I've already put
all of them in my guys can check it out there.Okay back to
the main topic.Our VIP guest is so creative while giving his ceramah:D
it was full with precious values that is really useful to us and stories
about the greatest person on earth and beyond the time,Nabi Muhammad S.A.W
and last but not least,something about teenage life that is full with jokes
and songs!hahaha:D

after that,kak laili went up to the stage and tell everyone about
Valentine's Day.We as a muslim SHOULD NEVER celebrate this thing.Why nak
sambut kbaii?-.- Rasulullah sendiri menyayangi isteri-isterinya setiap hari
tapi tak pulak buat hari kekasih betul tak?sapa mamat valentine ni
yang layak tentukan 14 feb as couple day?Janganlah sambut wahai anak-anak.
Boleh mengundangkan maksiat tau tak.

soo that's all i think.blahh I'm so LAZY.i WANT TO WATCH MERLIN TONIGHT.
i don't care if I slept late.That mentor tv show sucks.mcm taik je nyanyi-.-
okay,heavy storms are on the way.bye-bye gorgeus ppl:)

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