Monday, December 20, 2010

desperate =='

I miss to do this!I really need to buy new clothes:|.All in the cardboard
was so old and ulang-ulang pakai!I HOPE that my beloved mother will
want to go to any shopping centre with me grandpa is coming
for his medical check-up at KL.Went back to Lipis 3 days ago.IDK wat to say
but its kinda boring don't have someone in your age.all my cousins are still
small and I gonna look stupid if I share about my stuff with two 4 years old
kids right??Iman,I want to meet you!I want to here stories about your school
and your boy friends of course.fitri,khairi and so other more:p

back to main title,where can i get the money from?my tabunglah:p
berhabuk agaknya dah kot duit-duit tu.which store?bossini,romp,brans outlet
F.O.S. and forever?I hope the sale is still on.gahh -.-

the one which is so mengada-ngada


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